Once again my subconscious betrayed my conscious mind. Last night I had a dream, one that consumed all of me that I was no longer aware that it was just a dream. Maybe it was because I was too weak due to the lack of sleep the past few days, or maybe its because it’s what I deeply desire that I just let it pull me under.
I dreamt about what would happen next week, or rather what I wish would happen. You came to the program, not because you were invited but because you knew I was going to be there. It wasn’t your intention to talk to me yet, but you had no choice since you were already there. I asked how you were and I told you I missed you. You told me you’ve been doing fine. We were wrapped up in our own little bubble, unaware of everyone around us. You tried to kill off the awkward silence by a corny joke, and I pretended to laugh, then you laugh and I laughed for real. I smiled at you and you were just staring in my eyes, and right there and then I just knew we are okay.
You walked me home that night, but then we decided to have dinner first. We shared a meal, a few more laughters and then you admitted that you wanted to see me, that there was something between us before, but that you were just too much of a coward, my confession made you ran. As we were walking home, our arms brushed and so did our palms, and before I knew it we were holding hands. You looked at me with the same eyes you once stared at me, and I just melted inside. I couldn’t contain myself and I hugged you, and you welcomed my gesture with a much tighter hug.
The moment was just perfect, and even now as I try to recall it in my mind, my heart just flutter…. (To be continued)

(C)Joan Miranda


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  1. /mercurial_stargazer. says:

    I can definitely relate. That happened to me a couple of times already. How I wish dreams are real!

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