Daydreaming at Night

I could repeat his name over and over and never get tired
Sometimes I feel more than attracted, I feel like I’m sired
His presence makes the room seem a little more brighter,
Like the stars in the sky, he has his own kind of sparkle

I’m curious how she did it, the girl who makes him breathless
For all I could do is fantasize and lean over my cluttered desk
If we had met first, I wonder if it could have been me
Would I have been the only girl that his eyes look at lovingly?

He keeps my heart beating, he makes my life worth living
There’s no one else whose effect to me is this consuming
Sometimes I can’t help but think that he’s an angel in disguise
Sent here on Earth from heaven so that he may shame the wise

How does one keep from blushing when he smiles at her direction?
How does one contain her feeling when he gives her his attention?
How does one remind herself that he isn’t hers to have?
How does one fight off the feeling that is turning into love?

(c)Joan Miranda


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