Lament for my Angel

The sadness that I’m feeling tries to swallow me up,
Sometimes its too much to bear and I just want it all to stop
How do I keep on living when you took my heart when you left,
How do I move forward when your memories keep me from taking a step

I fear the rising of the moon for dreams of mine deceive me at night,
I keep seeing you there radiant and smiling and full of light
Yet every time I try to reach you, you disappear before my eyes
And I wake up, panting, screaming, and listening to my own cries

I never thought that I would ever feel this much pain
It’s crippling me and almost driving me insane
What have I done that I must suffer this fate?
They say time heal all wounds but now I think its running late

I must remain strong no matter how much I want to falter and just fall,
For you would not like to see me broken, no you won’t like it at all
You might not be here beside me, but you are looking after me,
And it would break your heart if I can’t go through this and be happy

This separation is just temporary, I must keep that in mind
A place to be together forever without goodbye, we shall one day find
I can’t be with you yet, you can’t be with me now,
But you’re still in my heart and for you I’ll make it somehow

(C) Joan Miranda


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