Tribute to Irene Adler

Her name was known to all but he calls her that woman
A lady with brains and beauty next to none
She can get away with any crime,
Can make any man drink a poisonous wine

He will never admit but it clearly shows
He melts her with his stare like a sun and the snow
Whether asked or not, his pockets full of answers
Though for her he speaks none he willingly takes on a danger

The chase thrills and excites his every bone
If she leaves it is certain he’ll chose to live alone
She has indeed gotten under through every layer of his skin,
Has brought about the little boy that he tries to hide within.

Alas we see, our dear detective is still a man
And his heart like all others belongs to just one
To an equal that puts him on his rightful place
Whenever our mad genius tries to misbehave

(C) Joan Miranda


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