Holmes and Moriarty, Legends of History

Every fairytale needs a proper villain
One worthy to be called the hero’s equal
A person to keep the reader cheering
When thou puts the chosen on the verge of dying

Even before the leaves were turned it was known he will lose
He will be facing death on a way the writer will choose
Yet it wasn’t the nemesis the author wanted dead
But the character he created that everybody wanted

So how do you end the life of one expected to survive
So people won’t start swarming like a bees out of hive
Bring in the archfoe and set the final problem
Make them both vanish falling down the dark cold water

The greatest battle the literature world has and will ever seen
Earned the fighters both the ranks far higher than the king and queen
In history their name shall forever be etched
Hence their lives it seems will never reach ‘the end’.

(C) Joan Miranda


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