Breaking Love into Chemicals

Dilated pupils and staggering heart beat
The prideful mind humbly admitting defeat
There is no escaping this breathless chase,
You can only wish that it’s just a phase.

Though you cannot drive, you can still enjoy the ride
Savor the feeling, be ecstatic and inspired,
So long as you remember that it isn’t real,
Soon you’ll have to wake, it’s just a dream.

As high and fun it is to be on cloud nine
In real life no one’s pouring you a glass of wine
To stay actually means saying goodbye
It’s just the way it is, don’t ask me why

Why fight a battle sure to end up in rubble?
Why force open a knowingly locked door?
Some things are meant to be just a pleasant view,
Not ours to hold, to tamper or to cling to.

(C) Joan Miranda


2 thoughts on “Breaking Love into Chemicals

  1. Jonathan Caswell says:

    li’l Miss Joan—have reblogged onto a spot on OUR POETRY CORNER, for your fine poetry and am following you. Thank you for continuing to visit “OUR” neck of the blogs!—Jonathan Caswell

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