Turning a No into a Yes

How many more times must I ask you out?
Before you figure out that I have no plans of giving up
You can keep on saying no but eventually you will get tired
You will say yes just because I annoy you out of your mind

The only thing that can stop me is for you to say it directly,
Which is impossible for you’re too much of a coward to tell me
So save us all the trouble of wasting effort and time,
For you can throw hints all you want, I’ll just ignore the sign

I now stand before you naked and without my pride
Your heart no matter where it’s hidden, I am sure to find
For your effect to me is like a magnet that I cannot resist,
I’ve tried and tried but there’s no getting out of a love like this

Look up in the sky and watch it cry as you reject me once again,
I’ll admit it caused some pain but I shall not be disheartened
When you understand the love that exists between the earth and the sky
You’ll know I won’t give up and you’ll learn the answer as to why.

(C) Joan Miranda


6 thoughts on “Turning a No into a Yes

    • LilMissJoan says:

      thanks, I write in the verge of my emotion, happy, sad, depressed, bored and tired…
      It’s hard to recapture the emotion once its gone so I always keep a pen and paper handy in my pocket

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