Thoughts from the Cubicle

No one to talk to but the screen of my computer,
The sky was crying when I looked outside my window
Hours have passed and my mind began to wander
How does one get rid of the boredom and the sorrow?

I wonder if you have anything shielding you from the rain,
The black coffee resting on my desk is starting to get cold
This gloomy weather reminds me of yesterday’s pain
When your body shivers, whose hand is it you hold?

In a few months time whether you stand alone or not,
I will do everything I could to win over your heart
You shall see me more than how you see me now,
And eventually you’ll fall for me somehow

We would be equals standing on the same ground
Our hearts entwined together beating the same sound
For I have fallen down to the core of this planet
I was captive since the first day that our eyes have met

(C) Joan Miranda


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Cubicle

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