In my Mind we conversed

Hey it’s been quite a while and I’ve been wondering how you are,
You’re just a few footsteps away but yet you feel so far
I heard a song last night that is right up your alley
Can I tell you about it, perhaps over a cup of coffee?

I’ve been sending you messages yet you reply to none
Did you change your number or does your phone needs to be done?
I’ve been waiting here by the bench just to see you walk by,
Yet somehow you never did and if it’s okay can you tell me why?

Is there no way back to the once upon a time tale of us,
For this isn’t us, this isn’t how we used to be in the past
You keep telling me things are okay but we both know it’s not,
I miss you like crazy and right now you’re the only thing I want

Whenever I ask you if we’re still friends you tend to avoid the question,
You pretend I haven’t said a word so I’m confused with our situation
Were we friends before or were we something more?
Can we still be something more or has that gone out the window?

(C) Joan Miranda


13 thoughts on “In my Mind we conversed

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Yes, I don’t know about him AT ALL…
      Well we’re just friends right now but just because he doesn’t feel the same way doesn’t mean I have to shut down what I am feeling. I feel what I feel because i feel it

      • Bob Othman says:

        Absolutely, just let it flow and enjoy the moment. Whether it’s words or actions, he has got to know. I trust you will know what to do when the time comes.

      • LilMissJoan says:

        It’s over now… I like him, I wanna chase after him but I can’t…
        I’ll leave him at peace but after six months and that guy is still single, I’m gonna go after him and ask him out…
        Maybe then he’ll see me more than just his friend but now just friends it is…

      • Bob Othman says:

        Aah, that means more stuff for the blog, eh? And just so you know that there are perhaps, more deserving souls out there for your heart. Anyway, have a blessed and cherished life. And good luck to you.

      • LilMissJoan says:

        I’m liking the more deserving souls,
        Well there are quite a handful of guys who is asking for my heart right now but how can I let them in when mine is voluntarily chained to someone else already who isn’t aware of his effect on me…
        The heart wants what the heart wants and i’m on my last semester in college so I WILL GRADUATE FIRST..
        hahaha no lovelife until october

      • Bob Othman says:

        The heart wants what the heart wants, couldn’t be more true. Perhaps if the heart were to open up a bit for someone else, the heart might change, yes? Then again, perhaps not. Graduate first, sounds like a great idea to me πŸ™‚

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