N= X+Y

You’re the blinding light piercing through the darkness,
The angel from above sent to cure me from my sadness
You’re the gravity holding me in place in this world
The golden ray of sunshine keeping me from getting cold

If my life is a puzzle then you’re the final piece,
The prince who can wake me from my slumber with a kiss
You’re the missing verses from the songs I’m writing
The meteorite feeling that is just awe inspiring

The only problem is that you could also be the devil,
You can ask to end my life and with a smile I will
You can burn me with your love or freeze me to death with it
Without fighting or resisting, I’d just admit defeat

You leave me breathless when you curve your lips into a smile
For yours is a beauty that could never go out of style
The effect you have on me will probably last for an eternity
So please be kind and tell me if there’s hope that we could be

(C) Joan Miranda


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