Percy’s Boss

Staring at our picture that you didn’t know exist
Wondering when I’ll ever get another moment like this
You were looking in my eyes like I’m the only one around,
You called me by my name and it was the most beautiful sound

Do you remember the times we used to meet and just hang out
You’d tell me crazy jokes and stories that made me laugh out loud
I’ve never felt more happy than how you made me feel,
So I still don’t understand why you have to disappear?

If only there’s a way that I could rewrite our story,
I’d give us time to grow, I would’ve taken things more slowly
If the heavens will permit, I’m praying for another chapter
Let it not be the end, maybe this tale could get better

If I tell you I’d wait until forever, will you come?
Will you believe me if I say, to me your the only one?
I’ve never met anyone so real and captivating,
You’re my life and has become the reason why I’m breathing.

(C) Joan Miranda


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