Mr. Passive, this one’s for you

Tell me why you have to be so weird and interesting,
Everything about you intrigues me and keeps me wanting
Right now your heart is the only thing I want to win
For there is something about you that’s gotten under my skin,

Should I try to stay away or am I allowed to fall in love?
Is a real relationship something that we can have?
How do I tell you this without making you want to leave,
How do I convince you to give us a try and not to quit?

You told me you’ve never been in love and you probably never will,
You have turned to someone passive that keeps refusing to feel
How many more sighs must I let out before I figure out what to do?
Should I leave now while I still can or try my best to pursue you?

Give me a chance to make you fall in love with me,
Allow me to let you see how much better this could be,
Should I tell you upfront what it is my heart is screaming
Or must I keep it a secret just for the time being?

(C) Joan Miranda


5 thoughts on “Mr. Passive, this one’s for you

  1. David says:

    I feel your desire , but uncertainty….It’s sad his claim that he would never fall in love …As usual, you’ve written from your heart, and it shows,,,wonderful

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