Four Leaf Chance

I knew you were just denying when you said you haven’t been in love,
For I knew about her, I knew about the story, about your first broken heart
I wanted to ask questions, of how you met and what she told you when she left
But I can’t, I couldn’t, I’ll just be waiting until you mention her instead

Behind that brave face of a man that you put on is a little boy hiding,
Afraid of getting hurt, of being left alone, and losing hope in believing
You are vulnerable and it’s okay, no need to worry because you’re fine
No one can hurt you, no one can harm you, I will protect you while you’re mine

You saw my pupils dilate and hear my heart pound for another man,
You saw me cried, you saw me falter, and then you let me ran
You understood my pain and stayed until the last drop of tear,
You sat by my side and told me “Hey, it’s okay, I’m right here”

Now I’m beside you and its my turn to offer you a shoulder,
I’m offering my heart for you to hold, and not to any other
For you are perfectly flawed and worthy of my trust
So why don’t you open up, for I see this love could last

(C) Joan Miranda


4 thoughts on “Four Leaf Chance

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Really? well…

      I want to tell you that no matter what happened to the past, no matter what you did or others did to you,
      You are fine…:)

      You are perfectly flawed. “Never underrate yourself… You are more than what you think you are…:)”-a friend told me this and now I’m telling it to you…:)

  1. fivereflections says:

    a lovely poem – so many broken hearts – so few want to share those broken moments with the world – our history trails along behind us no matter what.

    David in Maine USA

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Hello David from Maine USA, thanks for visiting my blog…:)
      I write about what I feel, it is only in rhymes that I get to express myself openly.


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