He Told Me It’s Okay

Here I am tonight telling you this so that you’ll know,
You need not worry, I see no reason why I should go
My feelings toward him are just part of the past,
Now I am yours and my heart you can trust.

Remind me not of my memories and who he was,
Dwell not about yesterday and just focus about us
Don’t talk about endings for it upsets my heart,
For you seem to be giving up while we’re still on the start

At first it’ll be awkward like giving high five on the street
Yet I still believe that someday you’ll get to sweep me off my feet
The scent of my perfume will linger on your skin
We’ll have some fights where you just won’t let me win

My whole life has always been caught in the spotlight,
Yet I’ll keep us quiet so we can do this right
Our worlds maybe different but we can find a same ground
Where happiness is just waiting, hoping to be found

(C) Joan Miranda


9 thoughts on “He Told Me It’s Okay

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Thank you David, I really appreciate your insights on my poem…
      By the way, I still barely know you…:)
      Share me random facts…:)

      • David says:

        lol…Hmmmm…I live in florida..i’m a kindergarten teacher…I have a masters in elementary reading and literacy…ummmmm….I love nature, especially water lol…i’m not sure

  1. LilMissJoan says:

    Hahaha okay. Love the fact that you’re a kindergarten teacher, I love kids…:)
    I like water for drinking…:) and I love strolling around nature and sometimes I hike but very very rare…:) I prefer just walking around

  2. thedenude says:

    I enjoyed the rhythm of this poem when read aloud. At the same time, I wonder just how much of yourself you are allowing to show through with this poem. I say this because I read your profile, and I usually take people at their word. Oddly enough, this means a certain uncertainty in your case. Not that I mind. Uncertainty is something I’ve had to deal with often enough.

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Uncertainty how? Well all my poems are me, every part of who I am, all my emotions, everything I get to experience…:)
      You can ask me anything you liike

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Oooh now I get what you mean… Well I just copied and paste my about from my facebook…:)
      And it is true not just for me but everyone we only allow them to see what we want them to see…:)
      Though my poems are a different story, the people in my circle don’t read them…:)
      So I’m very open and it’s everything I am

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Hmmm. All my life? When i was a kid, I have an active imagination and I would write stories about princesses and rent them to my classmates in school…:)
      But poetry, I guess maybe since I was 15?
      So five years?

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