A thousand pieces

I won’t leave here until I’m done,
I’m gonna finish what I’ve began
No matter how many times you tell me to give up,
I’m going to stay and keep up the fight

Patience isn’t my virtue but I shall try my best,
I’ll give it all my time and not a second less
It is not an option to let go and surrender,
I’ll keep on trying until I come out a winner

Until the last piece is in its rightful place,
Will I only be at peace and out of daze
But until then, let me focus and concentrate
For I just know that solving this puzzle is my fate

I need not your help but only your agreement
This won’t be a story where I’ll back out and regret
This will be one where I came out and succeed
A story that you’ll be inspired to read.

(C) Joan Miranda


4 thoughts on “A thousand pieces

  1. paulinejoy07Carmel says:

    Galing naman! Inspired sa puzzle last night,, haha,, anyway, natapos namin.. 4 pieces ang nawawala, so ippaint ko n lng.. Thanks for helping me kagabi! Update kita pg may new set ako šŸ˜€

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