Puzzle Piece [100th Post]

I cannot stop myself from jumping up and down
I wish time could stop and I could live in the now
All the hurt and the sorrow gone without a trace,
With just one glance at your angelic face,
No explanations necessary, there’s nothing for you to fear,
My heart’s overwhelmed, I’m just glad that you’re here
For this happiness there’s a price I must pay,
No more wanting more if I want you to stay
Did you miss me when you were nowhere to be found,
While I try not to relive the memories we had
I almost doubted that you were real,
I almost thought everything was just a dream
So now we’re back to “Everything is fine”
But no more thinking “I wish you’re mine”
I’ve already tried living without you in my life
And my heart felt like getting sliced open by a knife
I felt like I’m dying and there was no cure
The agony was just too much for me to endure
It’s just not my world without you in it
You’re the missing piece that makes the puzzle complete.

Note: Remember how I felt so empty earlier and there was really nothing I could think of that could get me to write, well that changed tonight. He’s back and so is my writing spark…:) many of my posts that you, my readers have enjoyed are those dedicated for him so it is only fitting that my 100th post be of him too. please do comment and tell me what you think of my poem, even negative comments are open…:)

(C) Joan Miranda


9 thoughts on “Puzzle Piece [100th Post]

  1. caitlambert says:

    All I can say is I can only read the type of poem so many times before it gets old. It’s good, but it’s the same story with a different tune. Dwelling doesn’t help. It’s just ever since I started really reading most of your poems, they seem to be a lot of the same stuff..I’m not saying mine don’t have similar topics, but they’re not about the same “thing.” I can’t write about the same thing all the time. It would drive me nuts, so it just seems that the topic for me is getting redundant.

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Thanks for the comment…:)
      I know it is but spoil me just this once dear, okay? I’m currently working on 100B an entirely different type of poem right now…:)
      I was just caught by the moment yesterday. I’ve never felt any happier to have him back in my life…:)
      Thank you thank you and may my next poem please you

  2. cloudborne says:

    I’m glad you got the spark back…congrats on your 100th; I just posted mine a couple days ago…now I’m working on my 101st–it’s my first awards post! I feel where your coming from…after 100 it’ll be a new chapter… =)

  3. Rad change says:

    You always do a fantastic job of expressing yourself. It helps to process what we’re thinking to be able to write about it. Sounds like life is better. Congrats on #100!

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