Is my dream going to become real tomorrow
Or will it shatter and cause my heart sorrow
Right now it looks perfect and within my reach
But I’m still praying for it to go without a hitch

Thousands of people are my competition,
I must think twice before making a decision
Everything depends on the perfect timing,
For it to be true, what I’m fantasizing.

It is not in my plan to become a straggler,
I won’t give up, I need to come out a winner,
I’ll endure anything that will come my way
Just to get what I want at the end of the day

(C) Joan Miranda


One thought on “DREAM SCHED

  1. musicsaint says:

    Your dreams are as real as you want them to be,
    you just need to open your eyes to see…
    Your heart will never shatter for it deserves no sorrow,
    for you are clean as water, no filth or dirt to borrow…
    everything is going to be in your hands…
    cz u deserve the world, the stars and universal grands…
    you think anyone can even compete with you, i dont know why..
    to see what u deserve and who u r, u just need my eye….

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