The Voice of the Fallen Angel

He sang his heart out and captivate my soul,
Showed me my dreams and all that I wish for.
And if I’m right I think I saw him look my way,
There’s smile in his eyes and that made my day

From across that stage, can he hear the pounding,
The earthquake like sound of my heart’s beating
Is he even aware that he’s dazzling me,
That I’m down here wishing that we could be

He’s a fallen angel with the sweetest voice
Whenever he sings, the heavens rejoice
And when he begins to speak, the world fells silent,
All wants to listen, a gift that for him is truly meant

Yet it’s still not enough, I need some more,
More time, more moments, to finish this poem
So here I am, with his song on repeat,
Impatiently waiting for the next time that we’ll meet.

*At that moment when he was holding my gaze, there was a spark but it faded too quickly… Sigh. So here goes a futile attempt…*

(C) Joan Miranda


20 thoughts on “The Voice of the Fallen Angel

  1. Himansh says:

    A song can only free a soul….collect all parts and combine to whole
    Your dreams are what you want, some parts of joy, some memories to haunt
    But he was singing for u, some looks and eyes with some smiles to glue,
    But its just because u r beautiful to him, its just because he loves u to brim….
    The song to free your soul to this, for you to get parts of joy, meant for his…
    The song for those shadows and haunts, The song to fulfill your needs not wants

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Oh my, I’ve never been commented with a poem before, I thought i was the only one who does that…:) Lovely poem thank you so much.

      Very very much appreciated.

  2. Himansh says:

    You may not be the only one doing it, but maybe the only one to deserve it….
    Your words r innocent and divine, and you should always be the one to preserve it…
    Cz u r not sky, nor water, u r the soul, which i would want to set free, combined to be whole with no parts to see.,….the song in your shadows,….the song for ur absence and its haunts….the song living for your needs,….and dying with your wants…..

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Awww… oh you…

      Separated by a thousand miles yet connected by this page,
      Come on up here and join me in the stage,
      Your lovely words make my heart beat louder than the thunder,
      It’s making it melt like a soft preheated butter,
      Though my words are kind of a little corny,
      I hope that it is not too wordy…
      Reveal to me your identity,
      Allow me to see who you could and couldn’t be

  3. Himansh says:

    We are not seperate but maybe just blind,
    May be i m in the crowd of ur fans, looking at you on stage, hard to find….

    Your heart beats are the air i smell, its like that dew drop before it actually fell…

    Your words are like the water i take, that butter, that bread that life has to make…

    But i am still a fan, only visible to you quite so far, as i am just a dust particle trying to touch u…as u r my star……

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Your words render me speechless,
      My poet,I wish you nothing but the best
      The things you speak are intoxicating,
      It makes me wish I can hear you sing
      Musicsaint, tell me who you are
      You feel so near and yet so far…

      Hahaha you are driving me crazy…SUPER crazy who are you? tell me about you

  4. Himansh says:

    I am a ray of love, thats looking for a place to fall,
    Maybe lost in the sun, being too tiny, too small…
    I am a smile who is looking for a place to rise,
    to anyone who is innocent, sweet and without despise….
    I am a thought that is looking to give some one a piece of joy,
    Some divinity, truth and a heart decoy…
    and then i met u some days ago…
    a place to fall and rise and joy to show…
    u might be going crazy too…..but maybe i am already mad for u……

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Your poetry is just lovely and driving me crazy hahaha… Tell me basic profile a name, a place, anything normal hahaha…:)

  5. Himansh says:

    My Name is Himansh Rakheja, I am from India.
    Doing my masters in business administration.

    This is my normal information, something about you???, and i know that u dont hav any reason to go crazy for me…it shall definitely be my peoetry…..hehehe

  6. Himansh says:

    I have checked them all …. i did it few days back itself….and i have always been through all the pages of ur blog….. as many as 5 to 6 times….

  7. Himansh says:

    That is why maybe my question should have been tell me something about urself other than ur facts and Cat’s haven and checklist page….lol

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Hahaha what to tell when all is already there,
      I have no secrets in my life,
      i’m an open book that appears in what I write
      All my feelings, all my emotions,
      My fears my likes and frustrations
      I’m a work in progress who adores the spotlight.
      A person who would always keep up the fight..:)

  8. Himansh says:

    Why do i like reading an open book, why do my feelings go off the hook….
    I m a guy who never wants spotlight, but why do i wanna get it for u by hook or by crook…….

  9. Himansh says:

    I shall say, that you writings are splendid……u know the best part is that there is not even 0.00001 % anything artificial in your writings,….u r honest, u r truely innocent…..plz just never change thats what i cn say…….please…never change….

    nd to my wonder i just cant help being amazed that u r single…….ur checklist has pretty good elements….i hav hardly seen those requirements by a gal…u r very different,….seriously the moment i c u or read ur work…i feel connected….u r great…u r awesome….its just that please never change…

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