My Last Dying Breath

My eyes are close but my mind remains awake,
Analyzing all the choices that I’ve made.
Sleep, why won’t you come?
Why won’t you let me come undone?

Take me to the place where I long to be,
Where my heart feels nothing but serenity
Take me to my fortress where I can be naked with the truth,
Back to the early days of my youth

What happened to all the words we’ve learned at school,
Like saying thank you makes you cool,
Saying please was a golden rule
And there exist no word such as a fool

As I lay here in the comforts of my bed,
My mind wanders to the stories that I’ve read
And as I take my last dying breath,
I pray you remember all the lessons that you’ve learned

(C) Joan Miranda


16 thoughts on “My Last Dying Breath

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Thanks David…:)
      Glad that you’ve enjoyed this.
      I was just tired and couldn’t sleep then these lines just started flowing in my mind…
      I wanted to take a break from my melodramatic poems and do something a little bit different…:)
      Worth losing that nap though…:)

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