Napoleon Napoleon

How can I persuade you to just let me be,
How can I make you allow me to be crazy
You called and scolded me all night,
I just said yes for I didn’t wanna fight.

You have nothing but the best of intention
Yet this time I do not need your protection
Can’t you just go with me just once,
At least permit me to have a chance.

You worry that I might fall and get wounded,
That my already broken heart might be shattered,
But what I ask is for you to let me scrape my knees
And when I do, just pull me up and grab my hand please

You ask of me to delete what’s left of my feelings,
Before I go on with what I’m starting
I can’t right now, not for a long time
Yet I cant tell you too that I am quitting.

(C) Joan Miranda


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