Crossing the Friendship Bridge
This option is tempting and ever so inviting,
No broken hearts, no cries at night
It’s just a you and me inside an us
A relationship that I know I can trust

Can we win against nature and formulate a new kind of love?
One that is planned, well thought of and will never make us sad,
This is an event that I’m certain we have foreseen
So now I wonder if its predetermined or really just out of whim?

Saying yes will mean closing open doors,
Committing myself to be solely yours
Leaving him behind and not looking back,
No room for regrets or whining in the dark

This road we’re taking is filled with uncertainty,
Are we both prepared to take on this journey?
Let’s try to make the most of the ride,
And maybe, just maybe, love and happiness we shall find.

(C) Joan Miranda


8 thoughts on “Crossing the Friendship Bridge

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Really? Thank you so much for that. You do too, short, sweet, and surprising twists in your poems…:)
      My poems are my life, they are the story of my heart…:)

      • LilMissJoan says:

        Which part? The melodramatic part? Kidding.
        I love how positive your writings are and how lessons are learned through every post especially May 15 post, may i quote “True love not cares for

        Colour,caste and creed

        As it is above from

        Envy,lust and greed.”

      • Indira says:

        In poems a little melodrama is okay but in real life never, always be positive and give a good fight, don’t let people take you for granted. The lesson I learned very late in life.

      • LilMissJoan says:

        In real life, I pretend i’m brave when I’m awfully shy… hahaha…:)
        I’m confident but never when it comes to my own emotions…
        I always tend to be a broken hearted

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