Waiting in the Wings








You are miles away but I can feel you near,
My heart looks vague but to you its clear,
No one knows me like you do
No one else can see right through

How can you be with someone else,
Tell me why is it you’re hers
When your hand fit perfectly with mine
Just say the words and we’ll cross the line

There’s no denying of our chemistry
You know it too that you should be with me
So why don’t we, why don’t we give it a try
And maybe with us, there won’t exist a goodbye

Leave all the pain and hurt behind,
Delete all the worries in your mind
No screaming fights, no tears at night
We can have them, we will do alright.

*I realized that hiding from the world doesn’t necessarily shield me from any pain, it is just delaying its occurrence. I’m not even devastated, I’m perfectly happy and still sane (thank God). We may not be in the state where we could hang out and chat like we used to but I know that one day, we’ll find our way back there…:)

(C) Joan Miranda


4 thoughts on “Waiting in the Wings

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Thanks dear, I’m Joan… from Laguna bisita minsan sa Manila hahaha nic to meet you dear. tell me more about you…

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