Her Final Bow

I’m scared of what I’m becoming,
I’m terrified of this wondrous feeling
The only sight I see in a crowd is you,
It amazes me how you can pretend not to have a clue

At first I thought it was beautiful
That it wasn’t going to be painful
But as my emotions heighten comes a cracking,
My fragile little heart, slowly breaking

I’ve asked you for just a few minutes of your time
Yet you waited until late before you decide to reply
You’ve find excuses not to have the talk and meet
So now all the courage I’ve worked out had finally cease

In your presence, I turn to a foolish little girl
A side of me I’m ashamed to admit was there,
Impossible it seems to remain your friend forever
For I’m afraid this feeling isn’t going anywhere

No need pretending that we’re still the same
No need to lie and say everything’s okay
We barely smile as we pass one another
I now give up and admit surrender

From herein onward, no more letters will be sent
No more planned rendezvous where we first met
Words escape me as I try to write the ending
But it’s the only way for my heart to start mending.


7 thoughts on “Her Final Bow

  1. RKHouse says:

    I like this poem, but it somehow doesn’t feel right to click “like” on a poem expressing such heartache, where you bravely expose and share your broken heart with us. Instead, I want a “get well soon” button to click. My thoughts are with you, LilMissJoan.

  2. caitlambert says:

    I remember the movie from the picture you posted with this poem. Great stuff. I like the rhyming, and sometimes I think I’ve almost forgotten how to anymore. You don’t over-do it. πŸ™‚

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