Subconsciously Obvious

Beside you the world shines a thousand fold
Time becomes more precious than gold
Your existence makes me kneel down in prayer
As I thank God for letting me meet such a character

In this world full of misery and doubt
My feelings for you is all I’m certain about
Everything else becomes irrelevant,
Everything else I could live without.

My subconscious mind has given up fighting
My mind and my heart have stopped resisting
The most beautiful dream came to me last night
We were a couple and it felt just right.

Sadly, reality bit me in the morning,
You were cold and we’re barely talking
Somehow you are turning to a stranger
The spark I thought we had is getting fainter.


4 thoughts on “Subconsciously Obvious

  1. RKHouse says:

    The picture really complements this lovely, yet sad poem. I can almost imagine that behind the closed eyes the beautiful girl is thinking the words in the poem to herself. The rhyming and flow is really natural. By the third stanza I was so happy for the girl as she “gives in” and let’s herself succomb to what just felt right. The last stanza hit me just like it reality must have hit her. I wanted to tap the “cold stranger” on the shoulder and ask “what the heck were you thinking? Wasn’t that just right for you, too?”. Kinda broke my heart just thinking about it.

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Thank you so much. You so get my poem but there’s nothing I can do about it… It is heartbreaking, actually I get the inspiration of my writings from my loneliness, and then that loneliness turns to something beautiful, at least I think it is…:)

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