My Crush is Online

Can’t take my eyes off the screen
Hoping for a message from you to pop in
Is there a chance that you’ve seen my post,
About my desire for us to become close.

A little green light beside your picture
This silence is getting hard to endure
Won’t you be just a little kind?
Tell me what’s in your mind

What place do I have inside your heart?
You know I love you right from the start
So please stop it with the torture,
I’m lovesick and you’re the only cure

If there’s a chance you feel the same,
Won’t you please go and call out my name
A simple Hi or hello will do,
Any words at all from you….


6 thoughts on “My Crush is Online

    • LilMissJoan says:

      I think so too but sometimes I don’t know I’m scared. Really scared… What if he doesn’t want my company anymore that’s why he is turning very cold…:)

  1. RKHouse says:

    It’s hard for me to say “don’t be scared” because I was always too scared myself. However, believe me it is much better to not make the mistakes I made as a young man. Perhaps every girl that I had a crush on in my youth, had no interest in me at all. I’ll never know. They might have liked me. I won’t know that either. I was safe from the potential for heartache and safe from the potential for love, because I was too scared and shy. Not a good thing.

    This poem is very nice. It is simple and cute. I like the rhythm and the unforced rhyming. I like that you quickly make your point. And I find myself hoping that your “crush” responded with the simple words that you were looking for. If not, you never know, he might be sitting there just hoping you will “pop” in on his screen with a message!

    • LilMissJoan says:

      He’s not technically my crush. I kinda “like” him… A LOT. he’s a great friend of mine, at least I thought he was but then he just disappeared in my life. He isn’t sending me any messages anymore. All of my poems starting from The Lady’s Glove are about him…:)

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