Irrevocably Consumed by a Magnetic Love

As much as I wan’t to detach myself from the feelings I have, I don’t. My heart just keep on falling and my mind just keep on circling around him. Somehow I cannot give up the dreams, the out of control heart beat, the jagged breathing, the imagination setting lose and just seeing him everywhere. It’s too good a feeling to just let go of just yet. Give me time to bask in it for just a while longer, but somehow I’m scared I might get trapped.

Though to my messages you remain unresponsive,
At least I’m certain all of them you have received.
Somehow your face keeps showing up on random places
Each time it does, my heart suddenly races.

If I could, I’d try to win you over,
I’ll care for your heart always and forever
Just show me even a spark of hope
And I’ll never let go of the end of the rope.

If only you could see how much of me is consumed by you,
If only I can get you to realize that my feelings are true
It’s more than just a simple crush,
Not an infatuation empowered by lust.

I may be flawed and imperfect,
But I’m willing to risk all that I have left,
For you are just worth fighting for,
And with you, there is nothing more I could ask for.


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