Lights, Camera.. Live.

The law of physics teaches us that there is always balance in the universe. Some of the famous laws that we probably keep on hearing are 1) Whatever comes up must come down and; 2) For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Sometimes in life, we come to a point where we feel like we have hit rock bottom. We feel trapped and that there’s no way out. No matter how many friends and colleagues you have around, you still feel alone. Every time your head hits the pillow at night, you wish that there is a reset button somewhere, that somehow you can undo things, start over and make things better. Either that, or you wish you can just fast-forward to when everything is finally okay, to the part where you have reached your happy ending. Too bad we are not on the movie click. We don’t have a remote control to edit, rewind or fast-forward out life. It’s not even the case. We tend to think that we have control of out lives, that things happen because of our actions when in fact, we aren’t. Long before we were born, our story has already been written for us. The people we will meet, the struggles we will face, even our ending, it has all been planned out down to the littlest detail you could think of. Hence, be at peace, for your life is being directed by the best in the land, God.
God gave up His only son to save us from our sins. He loves us that much, so let go of your worries, for if he did that for us, then it is only certain that He has our best intentions at heart. Trust him and enjoy the ride for the hardships he sends your way are only to make your story even more beautiful than you could possibly imagine. When you still feel that your problems are just too much to bear and that you couldn’t possibly go any lower, rejoice.
Remember balance and the phrase ‘When it rains, it pours’. You said so yourself that you have reached the end, therefore there is no other way left but to go up. When things are at their
worst, then it is only safe to say that things are going to start to get better. So what are you waiting for, wipe that frown out of your face and smile.


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