Constellation Dreams

Every night, I stare at the stars in the sky,
Wondering what it feels like to be where they are.
People looking up to see how bright they shine
Without burning their eyes like the sun.

My dreams are just as high
To reach them, I’ll have to fly
I’ll have to jump off a cliff,
I’ll have to swim down deep
But I’ll do what I could to win,
Anything to make my dreams real.

It ain’t gonna be a walk in the park
I might even get lost in the dark
So I’m going to keep my light on
Till I reached the place where I truly belong.

Soon when I’m wearing my crown
I’ll thank you for always putting me down
If you didn’t break my heart,
I wouldn’t have reached this far…


3 thoughts on “Constellation Dreams

  1. aroomazainab says:

    I’ve read almost 4 of your poems. and I’ve found you to be simple and sweet πŸ™‚ Stay like this & stay blessed. I’ll definitely visit your blog again πŸ™‚

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