Procrastination 101

Piles of papers to read and to edit
A voice in my head screaming “just do it”
“After an hour”, I keep saying to myself
But five has passed and I haven’t started

Told myself “Sleep I shall not, I’ll finish it tonight”
Yet as soon as I said it, it got lost in my mind
Though my eyes were open, it was staring something else
Le Facebook , le 9gag, le Twitter and le WordPress .

Dawn is breaking and my energy’s draining
Just wanted to blink but then I fell asleep
The clock went round and then it’s twilight
Strength to keep myself on track, I really must find.

Procrastination is always lurking in the corner
Hence I need to unplug my hard drive and my router
Not in a few hours, not later but right now
So here I am taking my final bow.


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