Curse of the Immortals

I’ve put a period where I shouldn’t have
Brought about chaos on a peaceful land
Now all that’s left is darkness and silence
Every word about us to be said in past tense

Will you have stayed if I have done otherwise?
Would it have been better to just stare at the skies?
Thrown a rock at the moon, got a bump on my head
Should’ve listened to what friends have said

Violins playing at three in the morning
Everything slowly fading into nothing
The son of the trident warrior went back ashore
With a dainty little feline he cares deeply for

Was I so unlucky to be chosen to endure Calypso’s curse
Whose story was to fall for men who can never be hers
My lonesome heart is begging for some mercy
For the next guy I choose to also desire me…


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