The Blackest of the Roses

It’s not that I like you the way you think I do,
But I am jealous and a little furious too
You could have any girl so why pick her,
Why the sworn enemy I wanted thrown in the water?

I was fooling myself thinking that I was special
That the bond you shared with me was exclusive for just one
Now I know I can only see just a glimpse of your world
I should not have assumed there’s nothing more than what you told

Its more that it is her than it is because of you
That my blood is turning fire, yet you have no clue
If you knew about our past, how she took away my love
Whose side will you be on, you better choose fast

I thought before that all is done and forgiven
Yet this incident made me realize I’m still a tad bitter
Was it really her sole purpose to steal the people I have around
Put on your helmets and get your guns, this war has just began.

*fueled by frustration and a bit of imagination.


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