Sweaty palms and hammering heart,
What’s done is done, there’s no going back
Now here starts the tale of uncertainty
You cannot run, you cannot hide, you cannot flee

How long will it take before the sparks light up
Before you find my letter and figure things out
I’ve always turned around whenever we part
Hoping for one final glance before you go out of sight

Ignorance, avoidance, or an attempt to console
You’d probably pick one or maybe all
Your an ancient text I find hard to decipher,
Tempting, intriguing, an ever changing weather

It was a habit of yours, turning invisible that is
But now it is my turn until the fading of these feelings
Still I stand tall with my head held high,
Knowing I have loved and that I shall survive.


4 thoughts on “Detachment

    • demonslayer0715 says:

      Thanks… I enjoy browsing through your poems as well… My favorite has got to be your latest one. Your choice of words is just something to applaud for, really nice metaphor, and the emotion bleeds right through…

  1. manofrenaissance says:

    I feel for you, detachment is no easy thing. Uncertainty is hard to be comfortable with, i am attempting. Loving with an open heart takes a lot of courage, and I have been advised to put some guards up, which is probably smart, but not me. Here’s to finding your truth

  2. demonslayer0715 says:

    Thank you, this is more of a detachment to my own feeling. I have fallen for my friend knowing it is impossible for him to look and like me the same way. I have finally gotten the courage to tell him and I’m not waiting for an answer, I really just needed to confess. It wasn’t painful though, he was worth the sleepless nights and everything but I know that I have to let the feeling go if I am to find the right guy for me…:)

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