Violet Love

The days just keep on passing us by and I fear that he is getting farther and farther away from me. It was as if he has stopped existing. Don’t I matter? Have I just been dreaming all this time? Have I been reading the pages wrong? So here goes a poem that was conceived while traveling on the way to my school.

Everywhere I look, I see fragments of you
You are in every song that I listen to
I told myself that it was just admiration
Should not think twice about this infatuation


I didn’t mean to fall
It wasn’t my intention at all
But somehow you pierced through my skin
Yet slowly you’re fading from the scene

Were you sending me a signal?
Could we have been one?
Can I turn back the time,
To when you were almost mine…

Now there’s only ashes on the ground,
The record’s playing but I can’t hear a sound
Tell me which is the truth, and which is the lie
Am I now supposed to utter goodbye…

I’m running out of ink and I can’t think
No words come out when I try to speak
How can I confess when you’ve turned invisible?
You don’t even know that in my heart you’ve cut a hole


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