Abandoned Juliet

This isn’t my best work and it is still under construction but I have to post this before the words run out from my mind and I could not recapture it again…

I look at him and I see a white knight,
Ever so vibrant and full of life,
Adored by ladies living near and afar,
His was a beauty that could start a war

How am I to say I differ from those caught under his spell
When just the same, I also do melt from his stare,
Yet somehow I’m certain what I feel is more than just a little crush
A thousand times magnified, as much as there are stars in the sky…

Lately he has seem so cold and distant
Is my company something he no longer want?
Has he seen it, what my heart is hiding?
Did it scare him away, what I was feeling?

As I walk through this deserted road alone,
My mind goes back to when he used to drive me home
My secret prince, wherefore art thou?
Am I just a commoner in your eyes now…


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