Hell Week Without a Heaven in Sight

A break from all the emotional ranting and dramatic creation.
Here is a poem I dedicate to the week that I am going through right now, the one the students love to curse… HELL WEEK…

A pitcher of coffee drank like water
It’s half past three and my body begs me to surrender
A palpitating heart is yet to come,
As well as teary eyes for tasks still undone.

Every hour feels like a lifetime
Mental torture awaits in every exam
In between them are papers of multiple pages
Each one a battle that make my mind races

Every date in my calendar is fully booked
Every hour within is marked wherever I look
Leisure and relaxation is temporarily on hold
With all these sacrifices, I hope for goodness to unfold

Breathe in. Breathe out.
Rest your eyes and don’t pout.
This is all part of a student’s life.
So get your pen and start to write.


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