Friend Zone

While chatting with a dear friend today, our conversation about every day nothingness led to the complications of love and friendship and has inspired me to write this poem. Before you read it though, I’d like to share how a typical friendship love story happens and end…

you find a girl you like. you find out she’s awesome. you like her more. you get to know her more. you become close. you get scared. you feel like what you have is already enough but at times you wish you can say more, but your tongue gets held back. you want a lovelife. you want her but your mind says no ‘you’ll ruin it”. you entertain other girls, looking at them as potential love life but you know they are not an equal to the person you like but is just your friend.

So for all those “play safe guys who is scared to take a risk”, for girls who are bounded by culture to speak about emotions first, here’s to all of you, of us…

You’re making me breathless when I didn’t even run
You’re making me speechless when I have tons of things to say
Someone tell my heart to please calm down
You might be nice and all but you might not want to stay

How can you be oblivious
When everyone can see it’s obvious
I have been hit by a love struck
But I feel like I’m slowly running out of luck

Am I to be stuck inside the friendship zone?
Or can our story lead into something more?
Are we waiting for who will say it first
Or am I the only one in this fantasy immersed

Something definitely changed
This is not the song that we’re supposed to play
Before I hit the ground, tell me do we have a chance?
Or should I let it drop, my fantasy romance…


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