Unparalleled Universe

When all else fails and your world starts to falter,
Slowly losing hope and desire to surrender,
Call out my name, you know I’ll be there,
Even if others give up, I will still care.

Your darkest thoughts wont scare me away
It will only persuade me that I need to stay
It is not your need but mine that I have to be with you
I am compelled to make sure that in all this you will get through.

Something about you disrupts the way my body normally functions. Whenever thoughts of your smile flashes on my mind, my face is compelled to imitate the act. As if my heart is a radar, it hammers wildly on my chest when it senses that you are near, even before I caught your face amidst thousands of people.
I used to be bold and outspoken but your presence renders me speechless. My vocabulary seems to have malfunctioned and all that’s left of it are words associated with you. My eyes sparkles when I say your name, and my ears hear wind chimes when you say mine. There will always be a lump in my throat preventing oxygen to come in whenever I manage to get some words out and talk to you.
It amazes me how oblivious you are to what is happening to me yet I am grateful for now is not the time to blow my cover. Now is not the time to make things complicated. Let us just enjoy first this journey, and whatever shall be, shall be.


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