How to Unbreak a Heart.

My dear heart, I ask of you to listen. Do not let envy darken your thoughts. Do not let it trample with your emotions. I know how much you thirst about the spotlight. I know your hunger to be on top. I know it pains you but hold on. Remember the people you have around you, your friends and family. Always remind yourself of how good they have been to you as to not desire for another’s life.
You can never please everybody and you must not hate them just because they do not play the roles you wanted them to in your life. Although your life is a stage of your making, you can only direct yourself but not the other characters. It will not always be that people will fall in line seeking for your attention. They are human and they cannot be controlled. You are not the sun in which the world revolves to, hence stay grounded.
A competitive spirit is not to be killed off but channel it to where it matters most. Look for what is more important, look for areas that needs attending and focus on them. Do not let pride and ego and carelessness took care of you, it can never rescue you on a downfall. If you desire to change, change not to win against others, not to be better than others but to win against yourself, to be better than you are for yourself.
Guard your heart as well. I know how easy you get excited at the sight of a new conquest. I can hear you pounding from miles away whenever the object of your affection is near. There is nothing wrong with what you feel, own it. Remember just to feel though. Do not put him in a pedestal, do not expect for your emotions to be returned. If he feels for you, wait for him to say it. Do not be too eager and screw things up. If you feel the need to share it with someone, think seven times before you do, and pick the person who would not advice, who would not judge but will just listen and let you be. Do not let your emotions led you to act harshly and spontaneously. Shut your mouth and fake a smile, if necessary. If you are hurting and needs to cry, then do so in the dark and snap out of it after. Rant all you want but do so in writing as to not hurt anyone or yourself by your words. Nothing good comes on too much telling.
If you ever feel alone and abandoned and without anyone caring, hug yourself. You are your greatest shoulder, in order for people to be able to care for you, you must first care about yourself. When the world feels too much to handle, run as far as you want as long as you can find your way back.


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