Deafening Silence

I have always love the fact of having the spotlight on me, on being the center of talk and attention, but not this time. Not when the other party involved is someone I care deeply about. I used to be very concerned of my reputation, my image and my name but it wasn’t me that I am worried about now but it’s him.
We haven’t been friends for long to know how he is to this kind of rumors, and so I am worried, very worried. I do not want people saying things about him. Before I thought the only ones talking were three people and I wasn’t bothered at all but as time passes, it got more complicated and many people started talking and I got scared. I’m scared of the words shooing the one guy that has shown me enormous kindness…

So for him who is oblivious, for him who scares me to death of his response, for him who I care for and does not want to say goodbye to…

I don’t know how this story will unfold,
I don’t know if your hand I should hold,
Tell me, are we still okay?
Will we see through the end of day?
It scares me these words might push you away,
When all I want is for you to stay
My heart is pounding, going thump thump thump
I can’t get any words to come out right
Your silence deafens my very world
It makes me feel like your turning cold
Don’t let me shiver, don’t make me wait
Give me an answer, tell me what is our fate.
Slowly I’m dying, emotions unraveling
Am I going to stand alone,
Or will you say to me that you will never be gone?


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