Wrath of Aphrodite

Always there will be three of us but it is only his face that I could remember. Like a wonder changing from time to time, so does my fondness for him, confusing, consuming and irrevocable. So here goes something I have wrote for him a few months back:

Going out and having fun but never called a date,
Never lovers but are possibly soul mates,
Exchanging playlists and talking heart to heart
I do not love you yet it shall be painful when we part,
Binded by friendship and cursed to be chained to thee,
I wonder will it ever come a time that you shall see,
I will say yes to you, all you need to do is ask.

I cannot look you in the eyes, not because I do not care
It’s just that I’m worried my heart might get entangled by your stare
I cannot let you see inside my soul
I simply must not allow myself to fall
I’m afraid my emotions might make you turn away
If what my heart is feeling, I try to say.

Will I ever learn to tell you No?
Drop my hands to the side and go,
If this feeling of mine shall continue to grow
Shall I keep it buried deep beneath the snow
Or will it be alright to say “I love you so”


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