Wish Heart

I kept on rereading my journal hoping for something to write but couldn’t find any. All the incidents were direct, the names were sealed but it was obvious as to whom it was talking about. Because I am afraid to be found out, because I am scared of his response, I shall not post it, instead I shall post this poem that I have written on his honor. Random thoughts that were woven together to form some lines and then a stanza, straight on to a poem…

It’s too late to come and rescue me,
I’ve fallen more than I should be,
Even if I end up there without you
Even if all I thought was not true,
I’ll still be standing here
To love, slowly falling in…

You pull me closer then pull me back,
Now I don’t know where I’m supposed to stand
Everything here with you is new to me,
And I can’t help but wonder if we could be…

I love the way you make me smile
I forgot my heart was hurting for a while…
But now I’m broken to pieces,
And baby you can’t tell why this is…

Because I mixed my fantasy with the reality
So now all that’s left here is me,
No hand to hold,
Shivering cold…

So I’ll be staying away…
Because I need you to stay…
So please don’t go…


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