Dates and Pages

This is a work of fiction, and not real life, although it was inspired by real characters, everything else is made believeI was thirty minutes early but I have intended it to be that way. As I was waiting by the hall, I could hear the sound of his voice from the room farthest from where I was standing. If there was any doubt in my mind that it was him, it was washed away by the sound of students laughter coming from the same place. Only he has the ability to make Mathematics seem fun. I wanted to move closer and see for myself how he does his magic but my feet stayed stuck on the ground. I could feel my heart quickening its pace at beating, and when I tried to take a deep breath, the air inside me got stuck on my lungs. It would have been better if I was having a heart attack, but I was not. It was my body’s way of telling me that I am about to see him soon. As if on timing a few seconds later the hall was filled with students piling out of their classroom. While I was hurriedly trying to calm my systems down, I saw his face emerge from the crowd. He was walking towards me with a smile that should get him arrested for. It must be a crime to smile like an angel fallen from heaven while showing perfectly chipped teeth inside a luscious lips.
I could hear the girls behind me shrieking, no doubt looking at Alexander, staring more likely. I couldn’t blame them though. Who would? His eyes were pitch black that are so mysterious that it can trap your gaze and make you feel like its looking directly at your soul. His face looked it was sculpted into perfection by Michaelangelo himself. All this in a perfect shade of pale skin. Have I talked about his shoulders? They were broad and muscular that women love to lust about leaning on. It was if Edward Cullen was brought to life, and even better, he wasn’t a vampire.
‘Hey, you okay?’ his voice brought me back to reality, and his face was only a few inches from mine. I could feel blood rushing on my cheeks, and my heart felt like it was going to burst. Fortunately, he moved away.
‘Ye… yes I am’.
He held out his hand to get the bag from my hand. As I give it to him, our hands brushed together and I could feel electricity going down my whole body. I let him walk a few steps ahead of me and secretly check to see if my face has betrayed and it is now showing a blush on my cheeks, thankfully it didn’t.
We walked across the halls, the stares of people and a flight of stairs to their lounge. Even before, the place has been a maze for me, full of cubicles and turns on every corner, but I have been able to memorize the path to get to his own private sanctuary. I could go there with my eyes closed if dared.
When we reached his cubicle, I noticed that the chair I have sat on last week remained in the exact same position, as if nobody else have sat on it yet. His desk was as messy as always but on the corner was the keychain that I bought him from my trip in Singapore.
‘Here is the book I was telling you about’ he said as he handed me Rick Riordan’s Mark of Athena.
‘Thank you’.
‘Oh, I’m famished, have you had any lunch?’
‘No I haven’t’ I would have said the same thing even if I already did.
‘Let’s go eat then’
‘Will you be buying?’ I teased playfully.
-page one-


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