The Lady’s Glove

In my nineteen years of existence in this planet, I have never felt more of a lady before I met Alexander. I always thought that all men are the same, that each one of them see me as an equal strong being that does not need any attending. I was fine with the thought and have never thought twice about it, until today. Alexander made me feel like I was fragile, that I was important, in short, that I am a lady. He didn’t do it because he feels sorry for me or because he see me as an inferior being. No, it wasn’t that. It was because he is simply a gentleman. The word is so rare that I couldn’t believe that I will be able to stumble on one.
I had a boyfriend for four years and he was a jerk. The choice of adjective is simply a statement of fact and not mixed with any emotion whatsoever. Maybe he was just being a jerk to me, but a jerk nonetheless. He may carry my bag when we walk together or open the door for me, but would do so grudgingly. Alexander is truly a breathe of fresh air.
He never makes me wait when he asks me out and pays for the expenses every now and then. He never makes me hurry when I browse for clothes or when I’m skimming for a good book to read. He asks me questions and lend me his thoughts about it. He would reach for my bag as soon as he sees me. He will walk me to wherever I need to go even if it is out of his way. After he leave, he will then send me a message telling me how gorgeous I looked that day.
I adore spending time with him, and feel so lucky to have found him in my life. The only sad thought or maybe the good thing about it is that he is my friend. Yes, we are just friends and seeing that it lasts more than a relationship nowadays, it seems foolish of me to desire more. So I am writing this now giving him a false name from herein after. This will be the world of What IF? All the questions, dreams and fantasies of a girl who is trying hard not to fall for her wonderful friend.


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