Sometimes Endings are really just Beginnings

GG: They say that every road comes to an end, but sometimes the end feels just like the beginning no matter how far you think you’ve gone to.

Everyone of us dreams of a happily ever after, but as we all know not everyone gets to have one. It hurts a lot when the person we have already tattooed in our hearts decides to walk away and leave you with nothing but a shattered dream. You want to remember every happy memory that you two have shared but at the same time it feels like a very foolish thing to do because after he left, everything that has ever happened between the two of you feels like a whole bunch of lies. People keeps on telling you how it’s okay and that after some time, you will be better, you will move on but your mind is saying to you how impossible it is to do so. You shut yourself from the world and built up a huge wall because the pain you felt feels worse than dying and you can’t have that anymore. Slowly, you start to not really forget but get used to the pain and you thought you were okay, but every time you think you have finally resurrected yourself, you feel yourself once again crashing down the ground as even the littlest bit of The hottest couple in the face of the Upper Easthim has reached your presence, and you go right back to where you started. It really is quite a tiring but necessary cycle.
The only consolation that you can tell yourself is that because of the pain, you knew you’ve loved and that you are freed from a relationship that is sinking. Painfully, you try to accept the he gave up when you never did and try to tell yourself that he can’t hurt you any more than that. You are done with him and nothing could make you go back to your old miserable self, to the abusive and selfish HIM.

At least, that is what you think but what if one day he came back and apologize for all the things he has never said sorry for, everything that he has ever done to hurt you, and this time he meant it, with all his heart. You really just can’t help but be reeled in and see in him the person you have fell in love with, and it’s inviting. What do you do?


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