The Curse of the Night

I spotted him easily amidst the crowd. There were more or less a hundred people inside that hall, but his face was the only thing my eyes could see. I was scared he would walk away and leave when he sees me, but he kept on chatting with the girl beside him as if I was invisible. I didn’t know whether to feel relieved or hurt and I just kept on walking and took the seat behind him. I wanted so much to smile and say hello but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so.

All through out the program, my mind was wandering, recalling every piece of memory that I had with him until an angelic voice brought me back to the waking world.
“Would you like to trade raffle number?” he asked, looking straight into my eyes, as if history was forgotten and I was simply a stranger he wanted to be polite with.
I could not utter any word in return but I managed to fish my ticket out of my pocket and give it to him.
“94. What a good number.”he said smiling.
My heart slowly melted. It has been so long since I’ve last seen that smile. I am almost teary but with all the strength I could master, I remain still. My hands were shaking but I went ahead and put it above his. I was scared he would pull away but thankfully he didn’t. His expression was of course startled and his eyes kept looking straight at me, with looks I could not comprehend.I could not contain myself anymore. Gently and slowly, I moved my hand and put them on both sides of his face. I kept on staring at his eyes, so lucid. We remain like that for what felt like an eternity to me, and not once has he said a word. I slowly closed my eyes, my whole body trembling in fear as I pull him towards me and place my lips against his very own.
His lips were cold and soft against mine and I could feel his breath entering my mouth. Then I felt his mouth began to get wider, and his hands moved to my nape as his tongue twisted with mine and traced my lips.
When I opened my eyes, he was gone. I touched my lips that still felt sore from that wondrous kiss. My eyes became watery and I felt the tears trickling down my cheeks. Every time I try to wipe them away, my eyes just keep on replacing them, as if it will never end.
Finally, after hours of succumbing to loneliness, I got out of my bed and brushed my hair. I washed my face and took a long bath, then I changed my clothes and get ready to face the world. For the nth time this year, I have dragged myself out the door while contemplating the thought that I wished I have never woken up.


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