It wasn’t the End after All


The moment that I first told Edward that I love him was probably the most frightening experience I had ever gone through in my life. It was even more scare than the time I was forced to bungee jump a hundred feet above the ground. The feeling was just insane. My heart was pounding right out of my chest and everything but him was a blur. I was shaking and shivering at the same time. I barely got those three little magic words out of my mouth. I could barely get myself to get past the word “I”. I was that nervous, but as soon as I got the words were out, I thought I was finally free to exhale. I was wrong on that account, I learned that day that getting the words out was the easy part, the waiting was what slowly taking the life out of me.

As we stood there, at the edge of the pool, only a couple of inches away from each other looking straight at each others eyes, I felt like a stature. I couldn’t blink, move or even get myself to breathe.The silence between us was deafening. It felt to me that years has gone by before he could open his mouth and speak.
Minutes later, I was wrapped up in his arms and my face was unable to be subtle on conveying my emotions. I was welled up in tears. you see, for three years, I have been in love with this wonderful guy beside me, but only in the shadows and now, he is right here and he is kissing my forehead. I had done what I wanted to do. The whole point of meeting him here, where I first saw him was to reveal my heart to him, nothing else. I had never once thought that I will be standing right where I am, all weak and glassy eyed as he consoles me and my now broken heart.

I always knew there was a high possibility of rejection. I mean, it was obviously a long shot- maybe even an impossible one. He was like a prince, and I’m just… me. I was contented with being with the shadows, why did I had to listen to that tiny voice that kept on saying “what if”, and look where it got me. I knew but I have never fathomed that it will hurt this much. I felt like my heart was being ripped out, like the sky was falling on my back, the earth crumbling, all that at the same time. It was really painful and I thought that was the end but little did I know that it was only just the beginning of my story.


2 thoughts on “It wasn’t the End after All

  1. demonslayer0715 says:

    To my reader:
    If ever there will be, I would appreciate comments.
    This is just something that I’m trying out.
    Hope you like it.

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