Crap Board

Unharmonious Melody
I thought you said I was your princess,
Thought we’d be wed in a white church.
I’ve built my whole future around us
Coz I thought you were someone I can trust

You made me believe there is something
I didn’t know I was holding on to nothing
Congratulations you’ve made a fool of me
Are you happy now mr. stick to many

I won’t deny you’ve broke this heart of mine
And getting over you’s gonna take a long time
But mark my words, soon you’re gonna see
No one’s gonna love you better than me…

One day I’ll realize I’m better of without
Someone like you with a crooked mouth
And as I wait for my love to die
Someone’s gonna come and make me smile…

-November 7,2010

There goes that tiny piece of thread again
Dangling right in front of my very eyes
Mocking me to hold on tight and wait
Refusing to accept this really is our fate.
I thought that I’ve gotten through,
Thought I was finally over you,
But as I fight off my urge to call
I realized I haven’t been at all,

At night while the world is fast asleep
And even when its awake and a busy bee
Tears will just fall and tear me apart
Remembering when you’ve shattered my heart.

No matter how much you want to run away,
Or pray that things were not the way what they were
The best thing you can do is accept all of the facts,
Do something about it and not whine about.


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