Love at First Glance

I was staring at the mirror trying to relax myself. There were only few minutes left before the show starts. Even though I know I’d only be getting a ten second exposure on national television and that hardly anyone would pay attention to me, my heart kept on beating so fast. All of a sudden an angelic face appeared and I was awestruck. I kept on staring at the now two faces reflected in the mirror, stunned. The angelic face smiled at me and asked “Are you going to perform tonight?” I can’t help but smile back and gave a trying to look cute pout and said in a cracked voice “Nnn—no, I’m one of the jurors”. He then extended one of his hand and said “Oh well, I hope you enjoy the show, I’m Dylan and you are?” I gave him my hand and answered, now feeling a bit at ease, “Chloe, my name is Chloe, are you performing tonight?” He just raised his eyebrows and smiled a crooked smile, then waved goodbye.
“Jurors please…” someone called. I went out of the dressing room and went inside the studio; we did five takes on the entrance alone and another three of us sitting down. I was reading the contestants profile when someone came up to the stage and announced that there will be a pre-show before the main show starts. Then he left and came back after a few minutes and introduced the stars of the pre-show. It was a boy group called Vocal Street.
My mouth hung open when the members of Vocal Street came out. Dylan, the guy I met backstage, is among them. I don’t know if I should feel embarrassed or frustrated, but since I don’t want to stress myself trying to figure out what to feel, I shrugged the emotion off. They were really energetic on stage. I have to admit that I was really amazed, keeping a close eye to Dylan’s performance. They sang ‘She’s so damn beautiful” and started going to the different areas of the studio, serenading staff and audience alike. Unexpectedly, Dylan came up to the judges’ seat and sat at our table, and sang looking straight at me, smiling teasingly. I didn’t know how to react and when he put his face near mine, I felt as if my heart has skipped a beat, fortunately he stood up and went somewhere else. After their performance, the director told everyone to take five, and I rushed to the dressing room.
My face felt so hot and I walked with my hands on my face. I went inside the room and sat in front of the mirror again.


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