Travel[s] with my Sister

Hilary and Haley Duff, Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, the Jonas Brothers, Toni and Alex Gonzaga, Cercado Sisters, Richard and Raymond Guttierez,- what do they all have in common, they are all famous celebrity siblings who are close to each another.
At first I can’t understand how they do it. Do what? Be close to each other and become best friends. I tried getting close to my sister for years but I can’t. We always end up screaming at each other, fighting, and hating each other every time we try to at least be casual.
Ever since we were little, we’re like oil and water, we simply can’t mix. I just can’t stand her. She always complain about how I’m always the favorite and how I always get the best treatment and the best stuff.
She fights back by ruining my room, my stuff and physically hurting me. It irritates her more that I don’t fight back. It just isn’t my nature.
My complain with my sister is that I find her too rough, too loud, too exasperating, too everything but proper. Whenever she ask me a simple question about a homework, I get mad. I always ask her to read and try to answer it then I’ll check but she won’t. She would complain how I teach other people but not her, and then my mom would get mad.
It’s been like that for a decade or so. Then I went to college. I didn’t miss her because I go home every weekend and I’m loving the screamless days without her. Then I don’t know what happened but I suddenly find myself buying her stuff and chatting with her when I go home, and even inviting her to go out with.
The other day, I was so stressed out and went out early in the morning. I met up with my friend and we hang out in the lake, where I mourned and unwind. When I remember that I still have tons to do, I left him. I was on my way home when I met my sister on the way. My mother asked her to pay some bills and she asked me to accompany her. Normally, I would refuse but since I don’t want to start my workload yet, I went with her. The center was closed and instead I asked her to shop with me. We roam around the city, taking pictures, eating cake, and trying on dresses.
She’s always been the tomboy type so I really enjoy putting her into dresses, and trying to make a mini me out of her. It was such an awesome day and I plan to bond with my sister more, shop more, eat more, do more with her. It’s not so bad and it’s such a heartwarming feeling.

The downside: my mother didnt like the fact that we went out for quite half the day without informing her, and the dress I bought for my sister. She said, it’s not something my sister could wear because the latter don’t act like a girly girl. Oh well….


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