Haud Magis Caffeine for Me

I’ve always been a cheerful person. I always have a smile on my face, whether I’m happy or sad or problematic. I never look at problems as problems, but just something I have to go through, something normal and I ALWAYS make it through.
My brain works like a computer, give me a problem and within minutes, I can give you a solution with back up plans for every possible constraint that might come up in the process, (excluding IQ test that take hours sometimes, I’m referring to practical life problems, academic problems and etc). All this, I do with a smile.
If for example in the midst of the process, something went out of place, I don’t freak out, because within seconds I can think of what to do instead.
There may be times that I get swayed into watching TV instead of writing papers, scribbling poems instead of organizing ideas, facebook instead of research but still I’m able to maximize whatever time is left for me to do it and have it done.
Last week, I started drinking Coffee from Boston, either iced cold or brewed and now I find myself yelling at people, being gruntty and stressed out. Coincidence? I don’t know…
This project that I’m stressing about is our major project for one of my major subject. Lots of plans are being postponed and some tottally abandoned, due to some of the people who can’t do their assigned task. I have alternative plans in my head but the problem is there’s no one to do it. I would if I could but I couldn’t because of other stuff to handle and the availability of the other people involve in the plan, and the others who hasn’t got anything to do wouldn’t even lend a bit of their time for it.
I have no choice but to find a way to do it myself,and it irritates me. I don’t usually feel this way, so I’m blaming the caffeine intake. I know everything will work out just fine but still I can’t help getting frustrated…
I can’t seem to relax…


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